Smart Mine

The original operating systems will be connected together through the information-based neural network, and five centers of dispatching command, safe production, centralized control, intelligent patrol inspection and operation management are built with Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing technology, so as to finally establish a smart mine to discover downhole production problems and equipment health evaluation.

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Product Value
Application Scenarios
Typical Cases
Intelligent Application Case of Tashan Coal Mine

The digital twin platform realistically reproduces the objective spatial structure of Tashan coal mine, including surface facilities, landscape, shaft and roadway engineering, ore body and surrounding rock. With the multi-source data integration technology, various real-time data of monitoring, production, equipment, personnel, management are integrated to develop a 3D integrated management and control mode of production and emergency, which improves the production and operation efficiency and control ability of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the platform can realize disaster simulation deduction and emergency disposal prompt module, providing timely, comprehensive and accurate information support for emergency response and quick decision-making, thus improving the informatization construction level of the enterprise.